Dec 4, 2015


MTN S620

Many sites are still giving out the old specs of the MTN S620 smartphone ignoring the updates on it.

Here i want to outline the major qualities of this phone.

Screen Size: 3.5"

Battery: 1300mah(up to 6 hours of heavy use)

Android version: 4.4.2(kitkat)

Sensor: Accelerometer

Hsdpa(3G): Yes

Sim: Dual mini

Ram: 512mb

Storage: 4gb (1.30gb free)

Google apps: Yes(All)

Cpu: Mediatek 1ghz Dual core

Wifi: Yes(hotspot, direct)

Bluetooth: 3.0

Usb Otg: Yes with tweak

Sim 1: Any network with tweak

BBM: Yes

Above are the real and major specs of MTN S620 device.
There have been rumors of this phone working only with mtn sims, this is well just a rumor because this phone when set can work with other networks inserted.

Its sleek design makes it stand out despite it's cheap price of about #9000 in Port-Harcourt.
I advice any android fan to get this device for maximum pleasure.

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  1. I still remember back then we used to tweak this phone imei to get free data from mtn lols

    From :

    1. Yeah you're right though i actually bought the phone then.

  2. can you tell me how to tweak the imei too to have free data on mtn s620,s730,sl860?


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