Aug 19, 2016

A Driverless Car To Be Produced By Volvo And Uber

Its not quite new to most of us of the rumours and truths going on about the production of Driverless Cars recently. These so called autonomous cars have received positive reviews from many and few negatives as well. 

uber driverless car

As we already know, Technology has grown to a very high and stable level where People shouldn't still believe that Autonomous Cars would bring about a rise in Car accidents, since that was the reason some people gave the idea of producing Driverless Cars a negative review.

Well the Good news for those that welcome the idea of such cars to be produced is that VOLVO And UBER have collaborated to produce an Autonomous Car by the end of this year, This would be put to work as both companies have a deal to share a $300million Investment for this Car`s Production.

What do you think about this?
Do you welcome the idea of having Driverless Cars around?
What more do you expect in this Car? You can use the comment box to share your Thoughts.
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