Aug 29, 2016

Etisalat 0.0k Free Browsing With Tweakware V3.5

Although this Cheat has been in existence for some time now with the use of VPN apps like Psiphon, Pronet and the rest. But i didn't share it with you guys then because it was capped at 60mb.

This update to the Tweakware Vpn app has
been long awaited but finally it`s here.
Though i havnt tested it to be sure it won't also be capped at 60mb i am of the believe that it would be unlimited since it has always been the norms of Tweakware app.


* Download and Install Tweakware v3.5 Vpn app via this LINK

* Now make sure your Etisalat Sim's credit balance is 0.0naira

* Make sure your APN settings is set as;
Name; ETI 0.0
APN; etisalat
Save it and set as default

* Now turn on your Data connection and Launch the already installed Tweakware app and click on SETTINGS, Click on BUNDLED SETTINGS
and also on SELECT BUNDLED SETTINGS, Now Select Etisalat 0.0k from the list

* Now go back and Select your preferred server if you have a Premium Account and CONNECT
If you do not have a Premium Acct then choose the Free server and Connect, If you get the "Maximum numbers of Free Users Reached Massage" just keep trying and you would finally get connected.

Remember to share with us your Experience about your Data usage so we can be sure it's now unlimited. Thank you as you enjoy!



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  1. Thanks Bro! Am Currently Rocking It.

    1. Yea Enjoy! Have you used past 60mb yet?

  2. It's Capped ooo


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