Aug 20, 2016

How To Manually Install Mediatek Preloader Driver on your Windows PC 7/8/10.

Drivers are necessary to get your Phone recognized by your PC in order to perform certain functions.
Getting the drivers for your device is never too hard but the hard part is Installing them to your PC correctly.
I published a post on `How you can Install Drivers to your PC Automatically, today i bring you a comprehensive procedure of installing Drivers of your phone to your PC manually.

install phone drivers on pc

1. Download and Install your phones driver Preloader package to a new folder ( You can get your phones driver package by making a Google search for it with this keyword `download Preloader driver package for MT-xxxx ( ex. MT6572 ) or mail me to get it for you), Rename the folder to MTK Drivers.

   Restart your PC with ` Disable Driver Signature Enforcement` Option by;
Click on your Restart option on your PC, Hold `SHIFT` key on your keyboard while clicking the Restart option.
A window would come up where you should choose `Troubleshoot`, and then `Advanced Options`.
Now select Option number 7 which is ` Disable Driver Signature Enforcement`.
Let your PC restart.

3. Now with the Battey of your phone taken out, Connect it to PC via USB.
Goto to Device Manager by using the Windows+X combo,
Under the `Other Devices` Heading, Find a listing named `MT65xx Preloader`, Right click on it and select `Update Driver`.

4. Click the Browse button and select the `MTK-Drivers` folder. Click the Next button.
Once done, windows will look for drivers in the folder and begin installing it.

If you followed the steps correctly then `CONGRATS` cause you just had your devices drivers installed successfully.
You can now Flash your phone with new ROMs or better still make a Backup of your Current ROM.
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