Aug 8, 2016

See Price Of The Most Expensive Smartphone In The World

most expensive smartphone

I was just walking past the internet and stumbled upon this crazy but real Info about the most expensive Smartphone in the world so i had to share it with you.

This Phone as expected is an Apple device, It is well known round the Globe that Apple Inc are known for the High Price of their products.

Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

It is also a thing to note that this device is an iPhone 6 made with Diamonds!
This device is of many colour variants but all has the same known iPhone 6 Specs.

The name of this device is " Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ".
It`s Price was $48.5 Million at Pre-order But it`s Price is now set at $95.5 MILLION!!!

Do you think it`s fair for one to purchase this Phone at this overzealous Price? Do you think it`s worth buying a Phone for 30488375000.00 Naira? Well i don't care to know the Specs nor Beauty of this device but am sure it`s never worth it!

I know you have something to say about this, Am all Ears` Please make your Comments.



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