Sep 25, 2016

Arsenal Beats Chelsea 3 Goals To Nil To Create An Unforgettable Moment For Fans

Yesterday the 24th of Sep was a day that would not be soon forgotten in the minds of both the Chelsea and Arsenal fans. It was an unexpected defeat for Chelsea as they were trashed 3 goals to nil after being undefeated by Arsenal for almost 5 year's.

For the Arsenal Fans it was as surprising as it was interesting because Arsenal did the expected by not only defeating the Blues but they also kept them away from having a goal.

The interesting part of this whole thing is that there wasn't any Red Card offence for any of the Chelsea players yet they couldn't grab a goal, The Arsenal players on their own part played real good to score all 3 goals in the 1st half of the match and also proved themselves worthy of the win by keeping their opponent goalless.

The goals scored by the Arsenal players were in this order:
First Half>

* Alexis Sanchez ( 11mins ) scored first at just 11 Minutes of the game after a faulty defence from Chelsea's defender 'Cahill'

* Theo Walcott ( 14mins ) made the goals two by adding to Sanchez's goal at just 3mins after the first goal.

* Mesut Ozil ( 40mins ) confirmed the win by scoring an additional goal just 5mins before halftime to give Arsenal a 3 goals lead.

The second half didn't have much to talk about but just some unfulfilled strikes from both teams as well as the celebration that came after by the winning team.
It was a very sad day for the Chelsea fans while the Arsenal fans celebrated their broken bondage of losing to Chelsea.

Are you a fan of either Team? If yes, What do you have to say about this? Also what do you think would be the result of the return leg when the Gunners would visit the Blues? 
Would the Blues redeem their Respect or would the Gunners still beat them up again? Only Time Would Tell.



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