Sep 3, 2016

Facebook Founder Mark Zukerberg In Closed Door Meeting With President Muhammmadu Buhari As He Revisits Nigeria

It has been confirmed that the young billionaire ' Mark Zukerberg ' revisited the country and this time he was in a closed door meeting with the President after his first visit some days ago.
The facebook founder is seen on Suit and
was very cheerful while he was with President,

We also understand that he took some Selfies with the president before going in for the meeting.
See Photo's below;

Now what do you think was be the Topic of Discussion at the closed door meeting?
Don't you think it's about how Nigeria could get the best internet service from Facebook and it`s owner Mark Zukerberg?

It just fell on me that President Buhari has never been in a meeting and had the doors kept open, He is always in a closed door meeting or could they have locked the doors to prevent Mosquitos? Just kidding anyway.
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