Sep 22, 2016

SanDisk Produced Wonder 1TB Capacity Sdcard

SanDisk one of the most popular Storage device producing company has gone beyond ordinary imagination by producing a 1Terabyte Capacity Sdcard. 
It was of great wonder
to me how one would be able to fill this sort of Sdcard with files but with another view of this i would say it is the best move to take as this size of storage would come in handy once 4G is available in more states when one would be able to download files with speed above 40mp/s.

Why you should buy this Sdcard;

* This sdcard could serve as a Secondary storage where you backup the contents of your smaller Sdcards

* You could also use the device on your computer to store more files

* A Photographer or Video editing personnel would need this sdcard as it gives you lot of space to store files.


Though this Sdcard can serve a lot of purpose it also has some advantages of which are;

* If you use it as a Primary Storage then you are putting all your eggs in one basket as you might lose all your files the very day you lose the Sdcard.

* Lots of files would get lost once the Sdcard gets corrupt

* The Sdcard would not work on all devices as it would require the device to be able to read and process 1Tb Sdcard.

Now to conclude, i would advice you to buy and use this Sdcard as a Secondary storage to be on a safer side, The Price of this Sdcard has not yet be released but surely i would update you with it once it's annouced.

Would you buy this massive storage device? How much do you think this Sdcard would be sold for?
Let's use the comment box.



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