Oct 15, 2016

Do You Know Etisalat 4G Is Already Out And Blazing? Checkout It's Speed Test Result

Yes, While i was still talking about Glo's recently launched 4G Service, Etisalat brought Live their 4G service also with no setup needed to start using it,

Etisalat's 4G has been confirmed to be available in Lagos, Ab
uja and sme parts of other cities as there still working on it's coverage area.
I believe that before the end of this year Etisalat's 4G would be available in most States of the Country.


Unlike MTN and GLO that reguires you to convert your Sim at a customer service outlet to be 4G enabled, Etisalat 4G service does not require you to do anything to your sim before using it's 4G Services.
All you need is an Etisalat 4G enabled Phone Your Sim Coverage Area nd you're good to go.

Speed Test Result Of Etisalat 4G;

From the image above am sure you now know that Etisalat's 4G is really Good with it's great speed!

Just get an Etisalat 4G enabled Phone and an Etisalat Sim if you don't have any yet, and then enjoy browsing at great speed.



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