Oct 11, 2016

Everton Striker Christian Benteke Scores Fastest Ever World Cup Qualifying Goal Against Gibraltar

Wow!!! What an unexpected record setting by Everton's Striker ' Christian Benteke ' as he scored the fastest ever world cup qualifying goal against one of most conceiving countries ' Gibraltar ' at just 7 Seconds into the game. 
Yesss!! 7 Secs!! Benteke really did
the unexpected as they were not the first country to face Gibraltar but he marked their match contest by setting a stunning record.

According to Goal's official website;

" Christian Benteke made history by scoring the fastest goal in World Cup qualifying
after just seven seconds against Gibraltar on Monday "

" Belgium did not even kick-off in the Group H clash in Faro, with Gibraltar losing
possession immediately after the opening whistle "

" Ryan Casciaro was caught sleeping on the ball and Benteke stole in to snatch the
ball away from him before running clear to smash in a powerful finish.
Crystal Palace striker Benteke's goal was also his first for Belgium since March 2015 -
when he scored against Cyprus - and the fastest strike in the national side's history "

I personally never expected this from Benteke as i have other supposed better strikers play against Gibraltar without scoring this fast, Well it's a good one from the Everton striker' Everton would be proud!

I now respect Benteke for setting such a super record that i believe won't be broken soon!! Cheers to Benteke!



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