Oct 22, 2016

Get FREE 5GB On MTN With Your 4G Enabled Device

No Dulling People!!! Do you have a 4G Smartphone? and also an MTN Sim? Then this news is for you, MTN is Dashing out Free 5Gb to any of their customer that has a 4G smartphone.

As some of us may know, MTN launched this year and also they have provided enough coverage as some of us are already blazing their fast
4G service though they are still working on making the 4G coverage wider, You can get this free data by following this steps;

How To Get MTN Free 5GB;

Make sure you have a 4G Device

Also make sure that your 4G device supports MTN 4G Bands ( See a List of all Nigeria Networks 4G Bands )

Now i presume you know that before you can enjoy MTN's 4G Service you need to activate your Sim at any MTN Service Center,
So now you have to walk into an MTN service center to activate your sim for 4G.

With the above steps done, Insert your activated sim into your MTN 4G enabled device.

Now to get your Free 5GB - Dial *131*4# and watch MTN make you Smile with Free 5GB to use on any device ( Even on a 3G Device )

NOTE; If youv'e already activated your Sim for 4G then just go ahead and dail the Code and recieve your Free 5gb!!
Hurry to get yours!!!



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