Dec 21, 2016

Browse Free This Xmas With Etisalat 0:0k Free Browsing

Good Day and Merry Christmas in Advance to You All, I know Most of us are still enjoying Glo 0.0 with UC Handler and also on Tweakware.

But i just want to remind us that Etisalat 0.0 cheat is still working @ full speed
with Tweakware V4.0, You don't actually need a premium account to enjoy this cheat
 as it is capped at 60mb Daily of which you could use for Chatting and simple browsing. It might come in handy for those that would wish to send some Season Compliments their Friends and Family.

There is no much settings involved with this cheat as all you need to do is;

* Download and install Tweakware V4.0 from Playstore

* Open the app and click on Settings

* Now Click on Bundled Settings

* Click on Select Bundled Settings

* Select NG ETISALAT 0.0K

* Go back and Hit CONNECT with Free Server

Make sure your Etisalat Airtime Balance is 0.0k though mine works even with me having 3Naira.

Always have it in mind that this Etisalat free browsing is capped at 60mb and sometimes 50mb, So you could use over 500mb if you have up to 10 Etisalat Sims.
Be informed also that Tweakware now has 6 Free Servers so it's Easier to Connect. Merry ChristMax!



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