Dec 28, 2016

Did You Know? Glo Has Discontinued Its Blackberry Internet Subscription

Though this might not be the right time to bring up this sort of news but i just can't help it, I waited to confirm that Glo would make true their threat but now that they've done it i just have to let the Cat out of the Bag.
Glo earlier
sent this massage to it's subscribers;

"Dear Customer, starting
December 17, 2016
BlackBerry services on your
device (BBOS7 devices) will no
longer be available. You can
still continue to use the device
to Call and Text. We request
you to migrate to a BB10,
Android, Windows or IOS
handset to use your remaining

I thought maybe that would not take effect but surprisingly it did- These Plans no longer work;

1. BlackBerry Complete weekly plan
2. BlackBerry Complete monthly plan
3. BlackBerry Absolute weekly plan
4. BlackBerry Absolute monthly plan
5. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
6. BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

What would those People that still have their Blackberry Phones do now that Glo has stopped their BIS.
They are now left with just two options which are to either Migrate to Another Network or they Switch to either an Android to iOS device to continue using their data bundle.

But my advice to any Blackberry device user is simply to switch to a more recent Device OS like Android or stay in the Dark without your Internet Service. Blackberry is Really Dead!



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