Dec 23, 2016

Funny Nigerian Tutorial On How To Steal A Fowl This Christmas

I just stumbled upon this post that was made by a Whatsapp friend ,On the post he gave a Tutorial with steps on how you can steal a Fowl this Xmas so i decided to share with you since this might be the right information you need to Protect your Hard-Earned Chicken.

These are the Steps to Take;

# *simple steps to steal a fowl this Christmas* ..

1. Survey the area like 1 week.

2. On the day of operation wear a big shirt.

3. Be at the place between 11:00am to 2:30pm.. at this time of the day the owners will be gone to work or be indoors. The fowls will be playing outside happily😅😅😅.

4. Walk at the edge of the street and let the fowls walk freely at the center..

5. This is where u make the grand move.. Dive like a goalkeeper and grab the fowl by the head... quickly fold the head into the feathers and put it inside ur big shirt..

7. Jxt move on as if nothing happend... jxt go no looking back..

1. Terms and conditions apply.
2. After preparing the chicken soup mk sure u give the owners son some... in case he threatens to kill u.. jxt go to his house and tell him his son is involved😂😂😂...

I hope youv'e now known how your fowl's are been stolen every Christmas, This Xmas should be different if only you do your best to catch those Fowl Thieves.

Well this was just for Fun and Nothing More! No go try am for your Neighbour Fowl cause if em Catch you eehh! Me i know say i no follow!
Merry Christmax to All!



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