Dec 7, 2016

These Nigerian Questions Would Crack Your Ribs

Nigerian's are always funny with their questions, Sometimes i do wonder if i ask it is our Way of Life or maybe just a Habit that we've gotten really addicted to.
Most of these questions are really Funny while others could be so annoying to the person been asked.

Well i truly know that the amount of laughter that asking such stupid questions would cause is most of the time determined by the answer given.

Check out these 15 Funny and Stupid Questions Nigerians Ask;
1. You see identical twins, you still dey ask 'na twins
dis'? No bros, na picmix..

2. Nepa brings light and everyone in the
shouts 'Up Nepaaa'! My guy still ask me, O boy na
light be
that?No oh, Na Sun fall from sky!!

3. You see person dey vomit, you still dey ask am
'you no
well'? Him well, e just wan see the food wey him

4. You just wake up from sleep; person come ask you
don wake?" No oh, I come buy bread wey I go chop

5. You see woman wey born new pikin; u come ask
"madam u don born? " No ohhhh, she buy am for

6. You greet person "good morning ma" ! She ask, my
you don wake???? No ohhhh, I dey sleep walk... .

7. My guy ask me "O boy where u dey?" I tell am say I dey bank, him com ask me "Wat is happening there?" My brother dem dey celebrate new yam festival..

8. My neighbour sees me opening the gates to drive out and asks me, U dey comot? Not at all... I be the new gateman...

9. I dey watch film… my guy enter come ask me "Guy
film u dey watch? No I dey look d future...

10. U see me dey chop indomie, u come dey ask me,
O boy,
na indomie u dey chop so? No ohhhh. Na fried
rubber band..

11. U see me dey swallow panadol, u come dey ask
me "U
no well" No ooo, I'm hungry.

12. U see me for ATM Queue, come dey ask me " You want Withdraw Money" No i want join Army.

13. You see me for Bus stop, come dey ask "My guy you want enter Bus", No oo- I want get Accident.

14. Am at the Bathroom taking my Bath, Then you ask me " You dey Baff ", No I dey Cook.

15. You see me Typing this post then come dey ask me " Oboy you dey Type", No Brother I dey Print!!

Abeg l wan ask una one question, no vex abeg...
Shey na for Contechs Blog you dey read dis Post?????



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    1. U funny pass me oo, So u visit Jupiter?


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