Jan 30, 2017

Are You An Airtel Subscriber? Then You Need Airtel's Handbook Android App

The Airtel Handbook is an app that is designed to make things easier for you as an Airtel subscriber, It is equiped with the Best and Wonderful features you expect. This app also serves as a Diary of all Airtel Services.

Features of Airtel Handbook App;

1. Embedded with relevant USSDs, MMIs and short codes enabling users to easily click for quick and efficient access to Airtel products & services. 

2. Online and Offline Customer Support.
3. Emergency situation support.

4. Directs subscribers to beneficial content:  Devices links, Airtel shops, Airtel Homepage, Airtel Global, Airtel App Challenge, Airtel on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), Airtel rising stars, Latest Airtel News, Press releases, Airtel related Hashtags. Also included are relevant FAQs on major Airtel services like Internet FAQs, Airtel money FAQs, Kasa Saa FAQs, & Airtel Insurance FAQs. 

5. Useful Feedback to Airtel: Embedded email composing systems (Airtel Money email, Customer support email, Airtel touching lives email).

6. Infotainment & Other services: Airtel Radio, FriendzChat, Dating Tips, Song & prayer services, etc.
7. Blackberry data plans on android.

8. Stanbic Mobile Banking integrated.
9. Guaranty Trust Bank Mobile service embedded.

10. In-app browsing experience. The integrated handbook browser is themed with Airtel sites. It has provisions to both Zoom in & out with screens or with zoom controls, embedded with Javascripts allow swiping and etc.

11. TalkBack support: Subscribers who can’t see well or use reading glasses can use the app without the glasses. All they have to do is enable TalkBack on their device. The app is already embedded with all necessary TalkBack information. Other people may just use this feature for interactivity.  

12. Serves as a reference guide for providing detailed education allowing both subscribers and the people around them to gain deeper understanding to background and rendering of Airtel services. Just like an entire encyclopaedia for Airtel. 
Examples; The app educates subscribers on how to register Airtel Money, What it is about & the benefits associated with being on the Airtel Money platform, Manual Data Settings, Web 2 SMS, information of background of services, etc.

13. Targets: Prepaid subscribers, Postpaid subscribers, New subscribers, Existing subscribers, International dealers, Existing subscribers of other networks, Visitors from other countries, Ported subscribers & Kids. 

As you can see, This app has got mouth watering features and as such i think it's a Must-Have.

Download The Airtel Handbook App For Android (Just 4MB) HERE.



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