Jan 12, 2017

Facebook To Start Showing Ads On Your Videos And You Get Paid For It

This is Good News for all of you that uploads videos regularly on Facebook as it would soon be paying you for the videos you upload, Isn't that cool? Sure it is and it would surely make Sense!

This is How It Works:

When you upload videos on Facebook, Adverts would be placed on them and you get paid as more people gets to watch the video, just as it is done on Youtube.

What Style Of Ads would be shown?
You should expect to see Mid-Roll Ads, A type of Ad that comes up in the Middle of your videos, This means you might be interrupted while watching a video on Facebook by Ads.

This would really go a long way to give regular Facebook Videos Uploaders some Money at least for Recharge Card though this might make you lose some of your Facebook Friends as most people do not like being interrupted while watching videos. Let's see how this turns out.



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