Jan 3, 2017

Happy 2017 As You Earn With Smile2Charity

Happy New Year Friends! It's Still your one and only Confy Scenty. I really wish to Thank You All for your Support and Encouragement in 2016. You truly made us what we are today and we all at Contechs Blog says THANK YOU OUR FANS! We work to give you the Best this year '2017'.

This is our 2017 Intro Post and we made sure it's really worth it by bringing you information that should change your standard of Living this year.
Here I introduce to you a new Ponzi Scheme! Tested - Confirmed - And Trusted!
I know most of us might have had bad experiences some fake and not promise fulfilling schemes and for that you've developed a new fear for anything that concerns Ponzi Scheme, But I tell you that the Reign of Ponzi Schemes has just begun as last year was just the Demo.
I also want you to understand that not all Ponzi Schemes are Real- Yes, Infact most of them are scam! This is why you must enquiry before investing. Okay Now Checkout Contechs 2017 Recommended Ponzi Scheme.

Smile2Charity has proven to be the best 2017 Online Business so far.

1.No referral link for members
2.System Automatically deletes unapproved members and replaces them with serious members.
3.Allows multiple accounts with SWITCH ACCOUNT METHOD using the same bank account, phone number, email and name. Only username is what you create.
4.It is worldwide and accepts local and international currencies (e.g. Naira, Bitcoin, PM etc)
5.Random matching of members: this means that you can earn from the day you joined to maximum of 10 days.
6.Members earn from 2-10 days from the day your account was approved.
7.Earning does not usually exceed 10days.
8.Very dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram Group Chat created by members to educate other members and promoting S2C.
9.Very dedicated support team that respond to mails for all issues.

Level 1: Upgrade with $18 or N5,400 and earn N27,000 from 5 downlines.
Level 2: Upgrade with N10,800 and earn N270,000 from 25 downlines.
Level 3: Upgrade with N15,000 and earn N1,875,000 from 125 downlines
TOTAL EARNING: N27,000+N270,000+N1,875,000 = N2,172,000
1.Visit Smile2Charity  and register.
2.Verify the mail that will be sent to you from S2C to complete the registration.
3.Login and Edit your Profile and then upgrade your account
1.Wait patiently and optimistically for your earning usually within 2-10 days from the day your account was approved.
2.Ensure you answer all phone calls that come to you because a downline can call at any time to make payment to you.
3.Copy and share this advert to all your friends and groups on social media for more awareness.
4.Share your testimonies in our groups when you earn.
*S2C Media Promoting Team*

That Writeup is the Official Smile2Charity Advert so I decided to share it with you as it is inorder not to miss any Important Point.
As you must have seen above, This scheme doesn't require you referrering anybody before you earn, It is an Automatic Matching System.
I strongly recommend this scheme and as you know ' The Earlier you get into a Ponzi Scheme the Better for You '.
Contechs Blog Says " We Must Smile To Charity This Year "!! Have a Nice Day As you Smile.



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