Jan 19, 2017

Identity Check Mobile Is MasterCard's New Payment App

MasterCard has announced ' Identity Check Mobile' as their New Payment App, The Interesting thing about this new payment app is that it supports Biometrics and uses it for Identity Verification instead of Passwords.

Biometric verification is any means by
which a person can be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits such as your Fingerprint, Retina Pattern etc.

Now that means that you can perform your Bank Transactions on this new MasterCard payment app and verify it using your Fingerprint or Iris, Unlike other apps where you have to type in your four digit password or something like that. This new app would bring about better security of your funds.
Your Password can be hacked but your Fingerprint or Iris can never be hacked or forged ' except them use your hand press your phone when you dey sleep, who knows'.

You are totally secured with this Identity Check Mobile App, Your Funds too are Safe.



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