Jan 16, 2017

Laughter Hour: Read And Laugh

Guys are Chilling, Ladies are Billing, Children are Singing But Contechs is Typing! Yea that's my Little Rap Intro to this Funny Read Along Joke Titled 'Grandpa and His Rooster '.
Incase you no know wetin be roaster, Rooster na Man Fowl. Oya Read the Joke:

Grandpa reared thirty young hens.
It got to a time he felt the one and only old rooster was getting old to perform and he decided to buy a new one, this time, a young one.

The old rooster welcomed the young one saying, you are welcome to join me Mr Young, we will work together towards productivity. What do you mean? The young rooster asked. As far as I am concern, you are old and should be retired. Young man, the old rooster called.

There are thirty hens here, can't I help you with some?
No! Said the young rooster. You can't help me with anyone, all of them will be mine. In that case, the old rooster said. I want to challenge you to a competition, if I win, you will allow me to have one hen, if I lose, you
will have all of them. Okay. The young
rooster said. What kind of competition? 100 meter race Said the old rooster.
From here to that tree. But due to my old age,
I will like you to allow me to first start off the first 10 meters. Okay, no problem!Said the young rooster. We will compete tomorrow morning.

The next morning, confidently, the young
rooster allowed the old rooster to first start off. When the old rooster crossed the 10 meters mark the young rooster started chasing him with all his might and strength. In a matter of seconds, he was behind the old rooster's back.
Suddenly, Bang! Before he could overtake the old rooster, he was shot dead by grandpa,
who cursed and said; God! This is the fifth gay rooster I have bought this week.

Hope you really enjoyed that? Am sure you're Laughing already' Yea that was really Funny.
Contechs would be right back!

Credits: Afri-Laugh



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