Jan 15, 2017

MMM Nigeria Is Back

Good Day Everyone, This News is what over 2million Nigerians have been waiting to hear ' The Return Of MMM '.
Yes it's an exciting news because many people had already given up while some even went to height of attempting suicide. You all should now rejoice because ' MMM IS BACK '.

I could still remember how some bloggers wrote some unworthy articles about MMM just to gain cheap Popularity and Traffic, Which caused Panic among the Family members of MMM participants and the Participants.
I could still remember an incident where a Boss was making jest of his Driver that he had thrown his money away in MMM.

Well Sir Sergey Mavrodi really proved them wrong as the website that was proposed to be back on Jan 14-2017 came back some hours earlier at about 11Am on 13th Jan, Isn't that Great?

Your Money is Back Or should I say ' It was never Lost'.
Now you can joyfully go to the site and make your Get Help request.
Remember, Contechs Blog is Your Friend so when you get your Help, Whatsapp Us for our Bank Account Details so you can send our Share oo.

Expect News on MMM United Soon.
Have a Nice Day With MMM.



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