Jan 17, 2017

Samsung Launches Galaxy C9 Pro In India; See Specs And Price

Samsung has launched their new Galaxy C9 Pro Smartphone in India after it was iniatially launched in China Last Year.
This device has great specs and features which are it's selling points, it would however be available for purchase by February.

The phone has a 6.0" Amoled Display with a Resolution of 1920x1080, It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box with 6GB of Ram and also it is powered by a 4000Mah Battery.

It uses the USB Type C with Dual Sim Capability. Has a 16Megapixel Front and Back Camera with 64GB of Internal Storage.

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device is sold for about $540 and would be available in Black and Gold Colors Variants.



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