Jan 18, 2017

UnProfessionalism In Display; Jet Mistakenly Drops Bomb In IDP Camp

Over 120 People were injured and many others dead as an Air Troop Jet that was deployed to address Boko Haram mistakenly fired a Bomb at the Rann IDP Camp in Kala-Balge local government area in Borno State.

The Rann IDP Camp is a place setup to cater for thousands of person that were displaced by Boko Haram, the army spokesman has confirmed the incident and said they deeply regretted the error.

He said the Millitary got a report that the Boko Harams were somewhere in Kala Balge LGA, so they deployed Ground and Air Troops to go and handle the situation. Now it was the Air Troop that mistakenly fired the bomb that has taken the lives of these poor people and had many others wounded including two soldiers.

News also has it that some Aid workers especially from the Red Cross also died in the blast.
Those wounded in the blast has been evacuated to different Hospitals to have them treated while the exact number of dead people is yet to be concluded though a source from Borno says it's 120.

I am really disappointed in our Armed Forces, The Boko Haram are on the path killing innocent people, Now the Armed forces that are expected to protect them have also killed and injured many innocent people as they said 'Mistakenly'.

I see this mistake as an Act of UnProfessionalism, why should the mistake be at the very place where the poor people that had managed to escape from Boko Haram are managing their lives.

We're are in advanced world and this sorts of mistakes should have been a thing of the past, Technology has evolved to a level where such mistakes are totally unacceptable.
Anyways, I really feel for the Family that has lost their member(s) and also i pray for quick recovery of the injured that in the hospital. May The Good Lord Save Our Country ' Nigeria '.



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