Feb 15, 2017

Get 1GB Data On MTN For Free By Dialing This Code

MTN free data code

Good evening guys. I'm very sure we wouldn't lack data for our internet stuffs this month as it wasn't long ago when I announced an Etisalat IMEI that gives you 1gb worth of data for free and now it's MTN giving you the same amount of data for free too without you tweaking any IMEI.

I know it sounds like a joke but I tell you it's real and official. MTN sent a message to some of its customers informing them that they've been gifted with 1gb worth of data for free.

So the thing is... If you have received your own SMS and data then all you have to do is just comment and testify of the goodness of MTN but if you haven't... Well, that's why you're here.

Now I think MTN did not gift the free data to all their customers as over 50% of their customers didn't receive the free data, anyways we always have a way to make things work. Don't get scared - It doesn't involve Imei Tweaking.

All you have to do is check for the SMS and once you are sure you weren't gifted then dial *449*2# and wait for the response, if things go well then you should receive an SMS similar to the screenshot below.

MTN free data

You can also dial *449# to access a menu where you can make your selection of the free data you want cause there are options of both 1gb and 500mb. You can also get your free 500mb directly by dialing *449*1#.

Check your data balance by dialing *559*17#

Note that you might have to keep dialing the code until it goes through because the server is currently congested as many other customers are also dialing the free data code.

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Don't forget to grab your own 1gb free data from Etisalat. Also, share this post with your Friends and Family so they too can join you get this free data. Enjoy Your Day!



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