Feb 28, 2017

New Etisalat Night Plan Gives You 500MB Data For Just 50Naira

Hello guys, am very much happy to inform you that Etisalat has launched a new night plan and this time it is a whole lot better than their former night plan both in affordability and data allowance. This new Etisalat night plan gives you 500mb worth of data for just 50Naira.

Do you guys remember the former night plan Etisalat launched that gives customers just 1Gigabyte of data for 200Naira? Click Here to refresh your memory about that, If you compare that former night plan to this current one then you should be able to figure out that the latter is better.

I think Etisalat wanted to go the direction Airtel and MTN went but theirs costs twice as much as the others but with the same data allowance, What i am talking about is the MTN and Airtel night plans that gives 500MB Data for just 25Naira.
those night plans are still working fine at this time and you can check them out Here.
Still talking on the new Etisalat night plan, Just as I said' It gives you 500mb worth of data at 50Naira and is usable between 12AM to 5AM Everyday.

The only thing other than the good internet speed they possess of which I believe might make this Etisalat night better than that of MTN and Airtel is if it is Renewable after Exhaustion, this is what MTN and Airtel has failed to allow customers do on their night plan by making you wait till the next day before you can subscribe for another night plan after exhausting the one you paid for. If Etisalat allows this then it would give customers a reason to sub for it.

What you should know about the new Etisalat Night Plan;


√ Bear it in mind that this is a Night Plan and not a regular data bundle and as such you can only make use of it in the night, In this case the night plan is usable from 12AM to 5AM in the morning.

√ You can use it on any internet device be it a Laptop, IPad, Android Device, Game Console etc.

√ It is not Speed Throttled cause i know most of us might have already started harbouring the thought that the speed of this data plan might be throttled am confirming it now that it isn't.

√ You should be able to Resub for the same bundle after you have exhausted the one you subbed, but this should be within the validity period else you wouldn't be able to make use of it.

√ You have to be on Etisalat Easycliq to use this night plan. You can simply migrate to Etisalat Easycliq by dialling *244*1#.

√ Now to subscribe for the night plan all you have to do is dial *244*10*10#, 50Naira would be debited from your account and you would be given 500mb data usable from 12 to 5AM.

I really hope this data plan satisfies you, if it doesn't then you should check this Link to see how to sub for night plan on all other networks.



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  1. Replies
    1. Bro are you sure? Maybe it has been reduced.
      I would check back on it, Thank you for your feedback.

    2. Yeah, it's seems they reduced it

    3. Etisalat must be very Stingy. Anyway bro , this means this post requires an update before people start dialing and expecting to be given 500mb.

  2. Though there might be a change in the data given but one good effect i appreciate is that they have network speed. Nice one Admin

  3. How I wish I use etisalat, could have tried it out

  4. its showing "sorry invalid command format"
    wat do i do?

    1. The code still works without any problem, though the data allocation has been reduced to 250MB..


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