Feb 10, 2017

Wonders May Never End; Company That Produced Samsung's Note 7 Battery Involved In Fire Incident

Do you remember that Samsung Smartphone which almost burnt some peoples House, Cars and even their Body? Am sure you still do. The company that produced that phones battery was also recently involved in a Fire incident too though the company wasn't burnt.

I could still remember how Samsung informed the public that the cause of the explosion of their once flagship device " Note 7 " was from the Battery, and also that the batteries were produced by two different companies which they said that it was the set of phones that had the batteries produced by one the companies that is exploding, Am of the opinion that this company is the one.

We all knew how said it was for most of us when Samsung made the final decision of taking back all the sold units of the Smartphone since they weren't able to identify the set of phones that had the explosive batteries.

Now we hear another news that may even be an evidence to what Samsung had said about the company that produced the Note 7 Batteries as the Company had a " Minor Fire Breakout " in Tianjin ( City in China ), It was also reported that the fire was triggered by a Batch of Lithium-Ion in a Facility of the Company where waste is deposited.

With this i tend to believe that Samsung might be right after all.



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