Mar 3, 2017

Alcatel A5 LED Complete Review and Price; Smartphone With LED Back

Alcatel is one of the smartphone producing company that is really growing rapidly in popularity and this is as a result of their good innovations, this time they've produced a smartphone which its back cover is furnished with Led, also the Led do not just stay there as a design but acts as a kind of notification.

The Led has many colors and can be customized to the users choice, it can also be customized to show show a particular color for a particular kind of notification. It also flashes different colors when the user is playing a song with the music app, the abilities of the led on this smartphone are too much to keep mentioning, anyways we both know that no one would buy this device just because it has got Led on it's back or just because they led acts as a fancy notification light, so its time we looked at its other features and specifications.

Good Internet Speed with 4G LTE gives this smartphone a bye to the next round, with 5.2inches display, a normal phone user should be satisfied.
Runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is processed by an Octa-core 1.5ghz Mediatek Processor ( This is the part i like most about this phone ), it also has 16GB of on-board storage and it's ram is 2GB which i believe most high specs loving kinda people won't smile at.

Rear Camera is 8Mp and Front is 5Mp ( Very bad for a device produced in 2017 ) with USB On The Go support, other than the device been Gray colored and been powered by a 2800mAh Battery ( Which i believe doesn't make sense for a device that it's battery consumption would be high considering the number of Led it has ) there isn't any other notable feature of the phone.

I know you've lost interest on this device already but why not wait to hear it's annoying price ( Yes it's annoying to me but i know it might not be to you ). For the fact that i do like fancy stuffs wouldn't make me buy this device for this Pocket Emptying price considering it's low specifications.

You might not believe it but it's true, Alcatel A5 Led Smartphone costs $288 which is currently equal to 90,650 Naira.
I don't know about you but for me, it's a No - No. It seemed as though Alcatel just wanted to make the History of being the First Company to produce a Smartphone with Led Back but didn't give it high class features for high classed guys. Let us hear your say on this please.



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  1. Confy bro, it's a NoNo for me too but some of all this fancy gals would still buy it


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