Mar 16, 2017

Fastest Way To Charge Your Smartphone And Also Test Your Charger's Speed To Detect If It's Original Or Fake

The most important thing with every gadget is having a long lasting battery or a very fast charging system. If a phone doesn't have a very huge battery capacity, that phone should at least be able to get fully charged within a very short time.

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This would help the user by saving the time needed to get the device fully charged though that also means the user has to be charging the device very often, but you would agree with me that this is a better scenario than having a smartphone with a very lousy battery that takes the whole day to charge. I don't want to imagine someone whom his phone takes 5 hour's to get fully charged then takes just 2 hours to get depleted, the thought of that is surely not melodious to the brain.

But to say things as they are, many Android users suffer with their Low Battery phones that doesn't even charge fast, I believe this theory "The Charging Time of any Device should not be more or equal to it's Usage Time" and as that such a device should be considered worthless.

You wouldn't know how it feels when you have to wait for a very long time before your device gets charged and you log on to a social media platform then in less 2 hours your phone pops up the low battery notification when you're in a very serious conversation, you will feel like throwing that erroneous phone away!
But I say No to that' There's always a way out of everything.

Most of the time we fail to understand how gadgets like smartphones work, most of us do not know the factors that determines the charging speed of our devices, well today you shall get that information that would change your mentality about how gadgets work, especially the factors that affect their charging and battery life.

For a phone to charge very fast, The factors below would have to be checked;

1. The Battery Capacity of the Phone; It is very simple to understand that a phone with a bigger battery would require a lot more time to charge than a phone with less.

2. The Source Of Charging; A device that is plugged to an AC Outlet would charge up to 3 times faster than another a device of same model that is plugged into a Computers USB Port.
This is because standard USB 2.0 ports transfers a maximum of 500Mili-Amperes Charge to any device while a USB 3.0 port transfers charge of about 800MA, But an AC Adapter can transfer charge of up to 2000Mili-Amperes (2 Amperes) to Smartphones and even more to Tablets. If you've checked you would find out that devices do not charge very fast when connected to a Computer USB port.

3. The Charging Technology Built Into Your Phone; This is a very important thing to consider this days, you must have read a phone review and seen where it was stated that the phone supports "Fast Charging", Such phones are really an exception to the slow charging community.
Fast Charging is a feature that is built into latest phones which enables them charge 4 times the speed another device of same battery capacity would charge by using a special Fast Charger. The lowest version of Fast Charge charges your phone up to 30% in just 30 mins, which means that your phone would be fully charged before 2 hours not to too about the recent and latest versions.

4. The Type of Charger Being Used; This is where our main discussion comes in. Even if you have the best of the factors listed above, here is one thing that can make them not perform as expected..... "The Charger".
The Charging Speed of a Charger is measured in Amperes and Milli-Amperes, 1000 Milli-Amperes make 1 Ampere, so the higher the number of milli-amperes - the higher the charging speed. You should also remember that 750 milli-amperes is less than an ampere so a charger that is rated 1 Amp is better than another rated 100 - 950 milli-amperes.

How to Check The Ampere Of Your Smartphone Charger

Checking a charger's charge speed (ampere) can be a very tricky but simple process. You just have to turn the back or under of the charger and take a very good look at the words written in very tiny fonts.
You should check for the part written as "Output", there you would see the charging speed measured in ampere or milli-ampere. I've already explained how it is measured so i don't expect you to find it hard to calculate and decide if it has your desired speed.

Restrictions to the charging speed of a smartphone charger

There are restrictions to the speed at which your smartphone would charge no matter the charger you use. You are charging your smartphone with a 2 Amp charger does not mean your phone would take charge at that speed, Android is built and programmed in a way that it charges within a particular range.
A smartphone that has just 1500mAh battery wouldn't not charge at any speed above 1 Amp, this does not imply that the charging speed of a device or Android smartphone depends on its battery capacity.
Every device has the highest amount of charge it can take in a second, minute or even per hour, No matter the capacity of the charger you plug it to it would never exceed that limit.

On my next post i would discuss the relation between a USB Cord and the AC Adapter and also tell you how it affects the speed at which your device would charge.
But for now i would want you to know the recommended charging speed for different devices.

Recommended Charging Speed For Different Devices

Small Battery Phones; 500 - 750Ma

Regular Smartphones; 1 Amp to 1.6 Amps

Phablets and Tablets; 1.6 Amps to 2.4 Amps.

The next time you're buying a charger for your device you should make sure it meets the minimum charging speed so your device wouldn't take too long to get a full charge.
It would also do you good to make sure the charger is from a trusted brand like Samsung or any of the other well known phone producing companies, this is what i would also have to write about so you guys can know the real charger that meets up the output speed that is written on the body from the fake one.

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