Mar 17, 2017

Get Double The Value Of Data You Buy With Etisalat Double Data On Selected Data Bundles

You can now get double the value of data you buy on your sim as Etisalat has introduced its own double data offer. You don't need to tweak your imei or even set any special special settings on your phone for this offer to work for you.

With Etisalat Remote Tweak still blazing on both phones and laptops, i know most people won't be interested in buying a data plan now but the sure thing is that someday these swift going free browsing tweaks might get sim selective, slower or even worse stop working.
So i would advice that you take this offer seriously and make sure you've done all what is needed to be done in order to be able to use you are ready.

This Etisalat double data offer doesn't have any special conditions attached to it, all that is required is that you are on Etisalat Easy Cliq Tariff and you would start receiving double of your data allowance for data bundles of 50MB to 500MB.
To migrate to Etisalat Easy Cliq dial *244*1# and you would receive a successful migration massage.

Before you can start receiving double of your data purchases you would have to dial a code to activate it, follow the steps below to know what to do.

How To Activate Etisalat Double Data Offer

  • Dial *545# and select option 3

  • On the next page that says "Enjoy 100 percent free data on purchase of 50MB to 500MB, Press 1 and send.

  • You would receive a massage that says:
Congratulations, Your choice to breakfree into the 100% data bonus option is successful.
That's all and you are now ready to start receiving 100% bonus on your data purchases between 50MB to 500MB.
Etisalat is also giving out free 500MB, You can check it out Here.



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