Mar 5, 2017

MTN Is Compensating Customers With Free 100Megabyte Data

Recently MTN network experienced some sort of fluctuations of which they pleaded with their customers about via social media, massages and even when checking their airtime balance.

Though they've sorted it out now but they choose to compensate their customers for the inconveniences and stress through the time the network was bad.
They are giving away 100mb daily plan to all their customers as compensation, am sure not everyone has received it yet but i do believe it would get to everyone with time.
When you're given you would receive a massage that reads;

"Dear Customer, as compensation for the recent service failure on our network, you have been eredited with 100MB valid for one day.
Thank you for choosing MTN"

I can't remember the last time MTN compensated customers ooo, am even short of words. I also do not believe they would give the compensation data to just some selected people whom they might feel were affected cause for me I believe everyone was affected in one way or the other.

Let's just watch and see how it goes, meanwhile you should also share with us using the Comment box if you've received your own compensation data or not, Do you also think 100mb is big enough? The Comment box is open - Kudos!.



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