Apr 10, 2017

Igbo101 Android Application Would Make You Master Igbo Language

Igbo101 makes me remember the fact that though we speak English as a general language we would still have to be able to speak our native languages fluently to be considered real citizens of our various countries and states.

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There are lots of advantages involved with been flaunt in speaking your dialect, most of the times it helps you maintain secrecy ( if you know what i mean by that). I won't say i flow too well with my native language but am very sure am not ignorant of it. Been able to hear and speak your native language is something one should be proud of, I admire the way a blogger friend of mine strikes his Yoruba dialect with ease, I so wished i could speak my dialect as fluent as he does.

However Technology is always there to help in all aspects of a man's life, that is why we believe here at Contechsblog that Technology is Life.
An android application called Igbo101 has been released, this application is capable of teaching anyone the Igbo language very well.

Learn Igbo language online

The application has many means of teaching which includes but not limited to Alphabet, Sound Pronunciation, Spellings, Translations, Games etc.
By using this app you would find out that there are lots of things you've been mispronouncing, you would also get to learn some new words and spellings.

Getting to learn the Igbo alphabet with this app is what every igbo indigene would desire cause you can't learn the alphabets alone since it is very different from that of English language.
It is longer than the English alphabet and has some pronunciations that you won't find on the English alphabet.

The app is suitable for both adults and children, beginners and advanced - Yes! Advanced! I bet you wouldn't even get 100% on the application's language test, it's an essential app for everyone who wants to learn Igbo language.

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The native background music in the app reminds me of old times, the times of when being at your hometown was what everyone wished for, the times that would never be forgotten as long as technology exists.

You can get this app on Google Playstore by searching for "Igbo101" without the quotes.
I would post about other languages you can learn with this app soon.



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