Apr 8, 2017

See Premier League Top Scorers List As Lukaku Leads

The premier league is one or probably the thoughest of all football leagues, it is highly unpredictable. You can never be too sure of the team that is going to win unlike some leagues where we know the always winning 3 or thereabout.

When it comes to the premier league you have a lot to expect but most of the time it isn't just what you except that happens rather the reverse may occur.

As with every football league, there are always the goal scoring teams and this teams are known for goal scoring because the have players that know how to put the ball behind the net, this is the same with the premier league.

Right now the five top teams are Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal, but it would shock you that the top scorer of the league isn't in any of these teams rather he is on the team that is at 7th place (Everton). See the list of the Top 10 premier league goals scorers below, and remember it's Weekend Sports Gist!.

Premier League Top 10 Scorers and Number Of Goals

• Lukaku - 21- Everton

• Kane - 19 - Tottenham

• Sanchez - 18 - Arsenal

• Diego - 17 - Chelsea

• Ibra - 16 - Man Utd

• Alli - 15 - Tottenham

• Defoe - 14 - Sunderland

• Agüero - 13 - Man City

• Mane - 12 - Liverpool

• Hazard - 11 - Chelsea.



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