Apr 14, 2017

Whatsapp Beta Version Introduces Revoke Massage Option

The latest whatsapp beta v2.17.148 introduces a feature that allows you revoke your sent massage within 5 minutes if you changed your decision or perhaps made a mistake, this would enable whatsapp users take back their words when they wrongly or mistakenly spit it out.
Features of Whatsapp Beta app vs facebook

This feature is yet only on the v2.17.148 whatsapp beta version, with proper improvement and stabilization it would be brought to the normal whatsapp app.
To use the feature while it's on beta stage you would have to be a whatsapp beta tester, then you can download the whatsapp beta app and enable the revoke option from the settings menu as it disabled by default.

One you've enabled the option you can start using it while editing a sent massage, it would appear in pop up menu giving you the option of editing or cancelling the massage totally.
The updates also gives you access to strike-through, bold, Italic and the rest when you highlight a text.

Soon these features would be brought into the stable version of whatsapp because whatsapp doesn't take much time to stabilize new features, till then lets keep using the tricks we know or rather get the beta version and join in testing the app.



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