May 9, 2017

Airtel Has Removed Their Unlimited Social Data

Airtel has finally done what we expected, they have removed the unlimited social data plan that most of us accumulated on our Sims without payment, this act of removal was committed this evening and i must commend them for being very vigilant and quick to action.

Airtel 2017 Cheat
I know most people accumulated enough data and with the help of this trick we were able to make use of it, but one thing is for sure, no body has finished what he accumulated before Airtel found out the loophole and took immediate action to block it.

I didn't make much use of the data because i had an active data plan on my MTN line, I also make use of Night Plans when i want to download very large files, to add salt to injury, Airtel's network coverage is not stable at my location so i couldn't download at my usual speed.
Airtel 2017 Data Plans
I congratulate Airtel Nigeria for doing the needful and for showing their competency of service to customers.
I don't expect anybody to feel bad about the removal of the data bundle, don't forget you didn't pay to get it.
It's fun to introduce and use cheats but it's more fun when the cheat gets blocked so you can go for a new one.

Am very sure there are some few persons whom their data plans are still intact, if you're such a person please do share your experience with us and also tell us how much of the social data you have used or used before it got swept of your SIM.

There are lots of other cheap browsing options on this blog you can choose from, ranging from the expensive to the very affordable.
Don't forget that MTN is still giving a 20% Bonus on data purchases, See how to get the bonus.

That's all we have to talk about for now, keep the comments flowing in as we share our experiences and find a better way forward.
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