May 3, 2017

Boost Google Adsense Approval With This New Tip

Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks and also the toughest to get approved on, this is why everyday people search for simple ways by which they can get approved into the ads network.
Here is a tip that i believe would not only boost your adsense approval but might hinder you from getting approved if not implemented.

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I suggest you read my previous post on how to get google adsense approval, there i elaborately listed the do's and don'ts of getting approved into the google ads network, you have a 95% chance of getting approved if you implement everything i recommended on that post, except your case has been taken somewhere else.

I forgot to add this tip to the previous post though i mentioned something close to it on the number two point of things that matters to get approved, where i said;
"Setup these essential pages: There are essential pages you need to have on your blog or website before applying, these pages are the "About Us" "Contact Us" and "Privacy Policy", you can create the privacy policy page with an online tool but make sure you state things you would abide to in it and not just anything. From my experience, a website with a real personality on the about us page and a phone number than a contact form on the contact us page tends to get approved quickly."

That was were i should have mentioned this tip but as i said it skipped my memory, nevertheless, it is never to late to implement any tip.

So what are we talking about? 
Creating your pages is one thing, making them visible is the most important thing. What use is it to create a privacy policy page and hide it in a location that only a tech geek can discover. Adsense takes how you treat your users into account before approving your website to their network. This is why you have to make sure your pages are visible to your visitors on your homepage as recommended, this way anyone that stumbles into your site would easily get access to your page and verify whatever he or she wants.

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Where is the Best Place on your Website to put your Pages?
Am sure that about 90% of readers would ask this question after reading the first point above however it isn't anything special to make the choice of where to put your pages link, the requirement is to make sure it's visible,
With that said you should also note that there are certain locations that have been confirmed and proved to be the best points to place your pages for maximum visibility, this is because these locations are always visible and eye-catching to any visitor.

Three Best Locations To Put Your Site Pages Are:
  1. Website Footer
  2. Above Header
  3. Navigation Bar Below Header
Those are the three places you can put your page links for maximum visibility, you can use any two options from the three i listed but make sure the footer is one of them, then depending on your theme you can either place it above your header or on the navigation bar, though i make use of the three options here on Contechsblog.

That's it about that, i hope that helps you in your quest for making some money online as a blogger or website owner, i wish you luck,
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