May 2, 2017

Technology Blamed As FCMB Staff Dies While Using Phone Torch To Operate Generator

An FCMB staff by name Bola Akinsanya was confirmed dead as a result of severe burns while he was using the torch of his phone to operate a generator, this has got many people asking "isn't this one of the reasons why Technology is said to do more harm than good?".

Dangers of explosion while using phones
It's really a sad incident and i just wish it never happened, but the truth be told, it isn't factual to say the fire started by he just using his phone light while operating a generator. Something must have ignited the fire which of cause may not have been the phone, however i believe negligence may have transpired.

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Well as we know there are precautions we should take when making use of some of these devices, in this country the manual included in the box of a new gadget is read only by about 20% of buyers, we either feel it's not necessary or that we already know what is written in it.

This shouldn't be the case, for the fact that a phone's manual does not contain just guides on how to set it up and instructions of use but includes cautions and warnings you should adhere to is enough reason why we should read manuals before making use of any device.

Let's keep our lives safe as God continues to guide us, Technology isn't everything though it helps make life interesting and worth while, but that doesn't mean it's worth anyone's life so let's use it with caution and adherence.



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