May 20, 2017

Temzy - Automated Facebook MTN Customer Service Bot

A Nigerian "Fashoranti Olanrewaju" has created a Facebook bot by the name "Temzy" that answers and provide solutions to all your MTN related questions from it's Facebook page.
This bot was built and programmed by this young man without sponsorship from MTN Nigeria and fortunately, the bot is performing very well.

MTN Tariff Plans

Though the bot is still on a beta stage to me, it's responses to questions shows that with time and little tweaking it would be the perfect customer service bot for the MTN network and would surely draw the attention of both MTN and other networks.
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This bot saves your time by giving you all the answers you need about any tariff plan, data bundle, value-added services, migration and subscription codes to services and lots more on MTN.
It was launched on Facebook on 4th February 2017 and has been doing great things despite its non-professional page setup.

Facts About Temzy Automated Bot

  • Launched on 4th February 2017
  • Built on Facebook so everyone can use it
  • Programmed as an MTN customer service agent
  • Still on Beta stage but very Responsive
  • It's been improved as the days go by
  • Fasho-Olanrewaju programmed it.

MTN Data Bundles

Congrats Mr Fashoranti, you just started your journey to greatness, keep it up and make Temzy the best-automated customer service bot in no time. The wisdom you had to launch this bot on Facebook is a signal that God is with you, more grease to your elbow.



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