May 9, 2017

Steps To Download With Airtel Free Unlimited Social Data

I promised to share a video on how to download with the free unlimited airtel social bundle to download big files with Opera mini 7.5 on your android phone, The video is ready and you can now watch it to understand the steps and start downloading files of huge sizes with ease.

Airtel social data free browsing

You may not understand the trick I used in the video if you do not read my explanation on it, click here to know what I did before the download worked and if you're still unable to download then you should watch the video to guide you.

I had already gotten to the final download link of the video I wanted to download. I clicked on it so it pops up the download box for me to be sure it was the last link.

Finally, I held on the link and selected the Open in new tab option as I explained in my first post.

I was very fast in tapping the refresh button after choosing the open in new tab option that you may not notice I did, you have to watch the video closely to see when I refreshed the page.

Download with Airtel social data

As expected the download options popped up but remember you wouldn't select it until the page is fully refreshed, the page is completely refreshed when the "X" button turns into a Refresh button just as it did on the video.

Your download would start and flow at full speed if you follow these steps correctly. Don't hesitate to drop your comment if you're confused with any step or have any questions to ask.



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