Jun 12, 2017

How To Get Fast Internet Speed On Glo Plus Other Networks

This is how to boost the internet speed of any network to browse and download faster, works well with glo free browsing. The speed of any data bundle matters a lot as it determines the amount of data that can be used within a particular time, when it comes to free browsing cheats we all want to use as much data as we want as fast as we can but what if the network is slow?, That is where my trick comes to play.

High speed internet

To get a high speed internet on glo you need not tweak your imei to that of a Glo 4G MiFi or increase your phone's data bandwidth with some root apps, neither do you necessary need a 4G device to achieve this.
What you need to make this is something you may have had or still have but you may not have thought it would do the trick, am also sure many of us might be aware of this trick but wasn't focused enough to notice the increase in speed when applied.

Let me get you off suspense, follow the procedure below to get the fastest internet you can ever get on glo network with tweaking or climbing to the top of a 3 story building. Do note that the increase in speed still depends on the internet coverage of Glo in your location.

Glo Sim
Two Phone's (An Android device with your preferred VPN installed and set up properly, any other device with WiFi Tethering capability)


  1. Follow the steps here to set up your glo free browsing on Tweakware / Anonytun VPN / Stark VPN or Psiphon VPN, use the best among them to avoid quick disconnections.
  2. Insert your glo sim into your WiFi Tethering enabled phone and enable it's internet connection, Use glo's default APN settings or any other that you feel works better.
  3. Turn on Hotspot connection (tethering) on the device and connect your Android phone that has the VPN installed to the network.
  4. Don't connect any tunneling on the device that is sharing the internet connection to your Android phone and make sure the data transfer speed is set to it's maximum (3G/4G).
  5. Now open the VPN app you had configured earlier and click the connect button, once connected you can start browsing, download or stream at a faster data transfer rate. You may not notice any increase in speed by browsing but you would surely do when downloading a file of over 50MB from Google Playstore or streaming a high definition movie on YouTube.
Fast internet speed

Follow the steps correctly and you would be glad you did, my location has the poorest glo internet coverage I've seen but i received a shocker in the early hours of yesterday when my internet speed clocked 1.2mb/s while using this trick on glo 0.0 browsing with anonytun vpn.
Since i never expected such a surprise i wasn't fast enough to take a shot of it instead i took a shot of it's average 600kb/s which also is the highest speed my glo browsing has obtained since history.

I was very surprised to see glo's 3G internet network run at a constant 400kb/s - 850kb/s while updating an app on playstore, i pray you experience same.
Let's hear from you, share your opinions with us and any trick you've used that boosted the speed of your glo browsing, the comment box is open - keep the comments flowing.



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  1. Don't understand pls make more clearer

    1. just follow the steps carefully and you wouldn't face any problems.

  2. its not comprehensive enough. no one will understand honestly

    1. Don't you think you exaggerated a bit? "No One"??

      Okay then, am gonna upload a video to show the steps, how about that?

  3. Good write-up but next time make it more simple (WiFi tethering is called mobile hotspot) only computer brains knows this.
    And you didn't make a step by step procedure why?

    1. Thanks very much for pointing out these flaws, i would rewrite the post soon with simpler terms for easier understanding.

  4. I know some people saw it sin't comprehensive but i understood it. i'll try it.
    but you should probably make it simpler for others.

    1. Thanks for your contribution, I appreciate. Do get back to me when you've tried it.


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