Jun 6, 2017

New MTN Night Plan Now Valid From 12AM Through 4AM

MTN N25 night plan is still very active and browses at great speed but the problem now is that the validity period of browsing which was from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM has been reduced by an hour, that is from 12 AM to 4 AM.

MTN was the first network to come up with a lucrative night browsing data plan, a plan that suits any internet lover that is willing to browse and download all manner of files at a very cheap cost. Recently i noticed the plan was no longer working as expected, I was no longer able to make use of it once it's​ 3:50 AM, little did i know that the validity period has been reduced, actually i wasn't checking the messages i received when i subbed because i felt nothing had changed.

Tonight was different, I decided to sub for the package at exactly 3:47 AM hoping to exhaust it before it's 5 AM as usual, I was shocked when i was redirected to MTN's data reset page just after i subscribed for the night bundle.
This got me curious and i had to check the activation message i received, lo and behold - MTN had reduced the plans validity.

The bundle still works well during​ the stated period and the subscription cost remains at N25, all customers on MTN iPulse are eligible for this plan and can sub for it sending Night to 131.

The plan is still not renewable same night, however you can check out Night Plans on All Networks here and make your choice from any of them if this one MTN offers doesn't satisfy your wants.



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