Jun 19, 2017

Whatsapp Download, Features And Review

Download the latest version of  WhatsApp Messenger, a social messaging app that is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Java, Blackberry and many others.
Whatsapp however discontinued it's support for blackberry, symbian and java operating systems, this is one of the reasons many people stopped using blackberry devices though you can still make use of it on some models by following this procedure.

whatsapp download

Whatsapp has lots of amazing features, recently they added a feature that allows you upload a picture or video as your status, this allows you express yourself more than you would using the normal text status, it's a good thing the text status was brought back for those that still prefer it.

I've shared some interesting tricks you can use on whatsapp, these tricks includes:
* How to know who view your whatsapp profile
* How to save a whatsapp status to your gallery
* How to know who read your message in a whatsapp group

What really makes WhatsApp interesting?

Lots of people keep wondering why whatsapp is being spoken about by almost every active internet user, they ask questions that aren't far from "why the hype?" or "aren't there better social platforms?', these questions are asked on daily basis by majority of persons whom do not use the platform.

The good thing is that whatsapp has made it self worthy of all the hype it gets from it's users, it all started when Mark Zuckerberg (Owner of Facebook) purchased the platform and redesigned it.
Being a man of great internet wisdom, he added all the essentials features that were lacking and of course that made whatsapp grow very big and popular.

Whatsapp has become one of the most used social media platform all over the world and now has every feature that would enhance your social life and interaction, more can not be said of it because it's capabilities are endless.

Interesting Whatsapp Features

* Voice Call
* Video Call
* Image and Video Status
* Text Status
* Lots of Gifs and Emoji's
* Allows you send attachments
* Broadcast messages
* Group chats
* Pin favorite chats
* Many more.

Whatsapp Download - Whatsapp Messenger apk download

Download your whatsapp messenger application from the link above, verify your number and start chatting with your contacts for free.
You can also chat in groups or add your staffs to your broadcast list for easier and quicker dissemination of information.
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