Jun 1, 2017

YouTube Android App Update Has Bottom Navigation Bar

YouTube application for android has been updated and is now downloadable on Google Playstore, lots of bugs have been fixed however a particular update in the user interface of the app seems to be the center of attraction, am talking about the navigation bar that has been moved from the top to the bottom of the app.

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This new implementation makes the application look somewhat easier to navigate though some persons may have a different view about this.
The tabs have been labelled according to their functions and they are categorized into "Trending", "Subscriptions" and "Library".

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To view your account details and settings you would click on your profile picture on the top right of the app's homepage.
Still on top of the app there are two other buttons of which one is used to record and upload videos directly from your camera and the other is a search button.

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I also noticed the app takes a little more time to startup but plays videos as soon as you click on them, this means the app has been optimized to run even on slower networks.
YouTube keeps getting awesome just as all other Google services keeps improving, recently Google announced the two new features that has been added to Adsense to make it more transparent and publisher friendly.

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  1. After the update from YouTube on android, the user interface is now looks very nice & user friendly.


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