Oct 5, 2017

(9Mobile) Etisalat Free Browsing Cheat Working On Anonytun With New Proxy Server

Etisalat free browsing cheat? I'm very sure that doesn't sound new to us, at least we've used lots of free browsing cheats on Etisalat, now 9Mobile. Now, there's really nothing to get confused about here as the same Etisalat we knew is currently the 9Mobile we use now, I'm sure every one of us already knows that because we announced it earlier when the telecom company changed its name to 9Mobile.

9mobile free browsing

This Anonytun free browsing cheat is however always written and talked about as "Etisalat free browsing on Anonytun". This is because the cheat was first used when the company hadn't changed its name. Whatever be the case, you should simply understand that all you need to enjoy this cheat is an old Etisalat or new 9Mobile line.

I believe we've all gotten the point, now lets head over to the settings and new anonytun proxy server that would allow us to use the daily 9mobile free browsing cheat once more. However, you should remember that this cheat had some limitations, of which not being able to use more than 60MB daily was the major downside. I'm sorry to say this but the limitations haven't been lifted, which means that you are only able to make use of 60MB daily.

Anonytun Settings For 9Mobile (Etisalat) Free Browsing Cheat with New Server

To enjoy this Etisalat free browsing you have to make sure you've put the following in place:

  • Android Device with Anonytun VPN Installed - download here
  • 9Mobile (Etisalat) SIM with 0.0k airtime balance and no active data
  • Good reception on 9Mobile 3G / 4G
Once those have been sorted out you can now proceed to use the settings below:

✓ Click on Stealth Settings and turn on Stealth Tunnel
Connection Protocol should be set as HTTP and Connection Port as 8080
✓ Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
✓ Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and set up with the settings below;

9mobile anonytun settings

Request method: POST
Injection method: Normal
Tick User Agent and Keepalive
Click on Generate, save the settings and go back to the homepage.
Connect your Anonytun VPN and enjoy the unbeatable speed of 9Mobile, while it lasts.

Be Informed;

i. That this 9mobile free browsing cheat could get blocked anytime and without notice. So use it only while it lasts and you should probably subscribe to any of these official 9mobile data plans when the cheat gets blocked. Learn how to get double value on your 9mobile data subscriptions.

ii. That your chance of getting this cheat to work on your phone without putting its requirements in place is less than 10 percent. So make sure you have every requirement as stated in this post before attempting this free browsing.

iii. That I am of the belief that 70% of visitors on this blog wanted the comeback of Glo's unlimited anonytun free browsing rather than 9Mobile's. Am I right or wrong? Let us hope for a miracle.

That should be all for now. Keep your comments and ideas coming, don't forget to share with friends.



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