Oct 17, 2017

Jumia Black Friday Festival 2017 / 2018 Is Here

Jumia is coming up with their annual Black Friday shopping festival that slashes the prices of goods to their barest minimum. We've all been waiting patiently from the beginning of this year to find out the date of which the 2017 / 2018 Black Friday sales would commence. Finally, the date of Jumia's Black Friday for this year has been released and you would get that and every other info you need to know about the sales. Keep reading, so you don't miss out on something important.

Jumia black friday

The Black Friday sales festival celebrated every year isn't something anyone would want to miss. The discounts on goods during this celebration is usually the best you can ever get anywhere, anytime.

We've seen lots of discounts sales from Jumia in the past. This year, we also bought lots of discounted goods from Jumia during her "Mobile Week" sales. I'm very sure you were amazed at the discount on goods during the mentioned sales promo, but I tell you that "that is just a tip of Ice Berg".

The annual Black Friday sales festival has always offered better discounts than any other sales festival each year. This year's Black Friday ain't gonna be different because it's going to offer lots of goods with unbelievable discounts. Jumia Black Friday starts on 13th November 2017, so you had better start saving for it.

date for jumia black friday

What's New on Jumia's 2017 Black Friday Festival

Like seriously? You wanna know what's new? Well, Everything's new about the 2017 Black Friday discounts festival. It's a new date, new prices, new discounts, a new festival in a new year. Or has there been a Black Friday festival this year? Nah Nah, there hasn't. Now you see, everything's truly new about it.

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What is Jumia offering on the 2017 Black Friday sales?

Nice question. Well, Jumia is offering the best, yeah you heard me right. Though 2016's Black Friday shopping didn't offer as much as I thought. I expect Jumia to learn from last year's mistake, and make this year an interesting one.

Different categories of goods would be sold, they include but not limited to;

Phones, Tablets, and Laptops
Home and Office Appliances
Male and Female Clothing
Electronics, and lots more!

jumia black friday 2017

Jumia has promised to make this year's sales a favorable one for their customers. Let's watch and see how things turn up. Do not forget, Jumia Black Friday 2017 begins on 13th November and would run for a yet to be stated period of time (probably 5 days).

That's all and all about that. Let's fold our hands, save your cash, and be ready for the biggest Jumia discount sale (Black Friday). Do have a nice and rewarding day.



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