Nov 20, 2017

How To Enable Subtitles on Movies Using Mx Player Application

MX Player application is the best video player on Android, it is better than Android's stock video player. I got to know about this application last two years when I bought a tablet that had a very low speaker and I could barely hear the sound it produces. So I went on a search for an Android Speaker Enhancing app and I found MX Player among the search results and downloaded it. Since then, I've never used any new device for more than 2 weeks without installing the Mx player app.

how to enable movie subtitles on Mx Player

The app has a very beautiful though complex interface, but once you've used it for a week you should be able to know your way around the settings and options.

The app has lots of functions as a video player and also as an audio player. It supports and uses a Hardware tweak which is seen in the app as "HW " to optimize and increase the volume of your movies and music.

If I decide to talk about all the features you would find in Mx player then this post would probably not end in the next hour. So am just going to teach you how to activate and use one of its features which I believe most people would want to know about and that is "how to download and enable subtitles Mx-Player when watching a movie".

how to watch movies with subtitles on Android

Subtitles are those write-ups that appear on the screen when the character on the TV talks or probably a song playing in the background.

Subtitles are usually important to users that loves to watch movies which an unfamiliar language is spoken. It helps the person watching the movie to understand the conversation between the characters, even though he doesn't understand the language being spoken in the movie. It also helps people that have issues with hearing.

By default, all movies do not have subtitles enabled, and most of those movies without subtitles are better understood if they had a subtitle. So to make things convenient for everyone I would teach you how you can display subtitles on all your videos using Mx player app on your smartphone.

How to Enable Subtitles on any Movie Using MX Video Player

√ Open your Google Play Store and search for "MX Player", Download and install it.

√ Open the downloaded Mx player app and navigate to the folder where the movie you want to enable subtitles for is stored and click to open it.

√ With the video now playing, Click on the dots that are located at the top right of the app to open the Options menu.

√ From the options menu, Click on Subtitles and then on Online Subtitles and finally on Search.

√ Tick the option "Enter Your Search Text", The title of the movie you're watching would automatically appear there. You should change the text if you know the video wasn't correctly named, then type in the correct title of the movie in the box and click on Ok.

√ A search would be made for different subtitles that match the name of the movie you typed. Now you would select the one that matches the quality of the video you're watching, and also the language of the subtitle you desire.

√ Select and download your preferred subtitle. Once it's downloaded you can go back and watch your videos with your subtitles showing very neatly.

how to watch movies with subtitles on Mx player

You can change the font and design of the subtitles from the settings menu.

If the subtitle shows after or before the speeches are made in the movie, you can easily fix it by using the Synchronization option in the subtitles settings menu. 

You are free to contact me if you get stuck on any of the steps I explained above, I would be very glad to help.



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