Feb 7, 2018

5 Kickass Tips to Generate Catchy Profile Usernames

Username, nowadays, not only defines our personality and our intellectual level but also helps us to gain attention. A boring and dull username can go to spam directly whereas an appealing username can attract the interests of many towards you and your work. It’s like you have to look different otherwise you will be a part of the crowd only. Nobody recognizes the person in the crowd but yes, the one shining with a flag in the hand may get noticed and that is what usernames do. The username can reflect your attitude, your cuteness, talent, or anything about you but it should not be hollow which means nothing. One should develop diverse interests that enhance the knowledge but also a person will have more to talk about and express and that can be very useful to create catchy profile usernames.

how to create a catchy profile username

There are many such ways to do depending on a person’s thoughts and imagination. There are some ways in my view which help you to create a captivating username.

1. Word that defines you: 

Every person is different in his/her own ways and that is what makes us special and unique from other classes of people. Your personality is your strength which you have to mention in a word in your username. People are very judgmental these days and they will let you in their lives when they will know you completely. Your username can make that first impression. It can define your passion, interests, and beliefs.
For example, a person who is a hard worker may use the word “sedulous” in it to show the vocabulary as well as the specialty, “tenacity” word can be used to mention your determination or maybe something like “worldthrumyeyes” shows that you may have a different perspective towards the world. It may include some common abbreviations like thru instead of writing ‘through’ to make it compact yet meaningful. If you’re not creative enough then simply go for online username generator tools. They can suggest hundreds of random usernames for free.  

2. Word that depends on the site for which you are putting out that username:

We receive half of our emails directly in spam because they are IRRELEVANT. Yeah, that’s the simple answer. So, your username should not be something that is of no importance and shows your careless behavior as if you don’t value the site. Let’s say the username of the same person would be different for a matrimonial site, social site, or professional blog. 

For example, your professional username includes “badshah” somewhere. This shows your unprofessional and childish attitude whereas it can be counted as cool for your social sites like Instagram and all. For your professional sites also, you have to be specific. When you introduce yourself as a writer then a word like “opus” which means an artistic work may seem catchy but if you are gonna introduce yourself as a technical person then “opus” word may not weigh that much. Something like “creating_an_opus” seems cool as a username. “FollowKerberos” seems pretty interesting if a person from a technical background reads this user ID because he knows that Kerberos is a protocol that Windows 2000 and Windows XP use as their default authentication method or maybe something like “authentication_problem”.

3. Famous and legendary characters’ names or any of their slang:

This not only shows your varied interests but also shows your presence of mind in that area. For example, there is a profile of a person who has a good sense of humor and wants to highlight his/her quality then, Matthew Perry was famous for his cool and funny character of “Chandler Bing” in the famous TV show “FRIENDS”, a person can use Chandler or ChanandlerBong (his name was printed wrong in the courier) in the username or any other slang or the famous dialogue like that of FRIENDS “Pivot!Pivot!Pivot!”. Another option is to use some clichés like “!gnor@nce!sBl!ss” or like “LastedAnEternity”.

4. Nicknames and popular numeric:

Nicknames are kind of considered cool. You may use your own nickname or may be of any other famous personality or maybe you can use some iconic numbers like 007 in your username or 666 (which is the number of beasts) or maybe like “Pi” or “TheGoldenRatio”. This method has been used for a long time and it’s still very popular. 

5. Use of special symbols :

You can make your profile username attractive by using special symbols like ‘@’ instead of ‘a’, and ‘!’ instead of ‘i’. But you should keep in mind that you don’t replace every single word with a symbol, otherwise, it will look really confusing and kind of haphazard. For example you have the word Badshah in your username then you may write it as “b@d&@h”. You may also use a combination of capital and small letters and of course, numbers like your date of birth combination in order to make it catchy.   

A combination of these tips can help you generate an impressive username which helps to create a personality in this digital world where you are judged by the way you present yourself online. Pick any one or two tips, combine them with special signals, and yeah! You are ready with a cool, intellectual as well and memorable username. 



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