Aug 7, 2016

AirTel 6Gb For 1,500Naira

airtel data plan

Recently i wrote about the newly launched Airtel Trybe Tariff plan, Where subscribers are entitled to purchase 500mb for 25naira or oven 1.5gb for just 50naira, which can be used from 12am to 5am.

Now Airtel has introduced a Data Bundle Plan for its special customers, whereby Customers get 6gb worth for Data for just 1,500naira! Unfortunately not all Airtel Subscribers are Eligible for this plan (though about 69.9% are eligible).

This plan as confirmed by my Bro `Wizy` is not Speed Throttled and also does not Zap Data. To Subscribe to it Dial *440*161#, To check Eligibility Dial *440*16#.

This is a very good move by Airtel as this plan is better than Glo`s 6gb for #2,000, I pray other networks would launch better data plans soon.

Anyways, What do you think about this Plan?, Do you know of any better Data bundle? or have any Additional info about this plan, I would be Glad if you would please use the Comment Box.



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  1. Airtel does great tinx at unexpected times


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