Aug 7, 2016

WHY! Airtel 2G Pack Validity Period Reduced To Ten Days!

airtel data bundle

Still on Airtel, I know most of us must have heard or even used the Airtel 2gb for #200 usable on 2G network, Though the plan is slow for downloads since it only works on 2g networks some people still make use of it for chats and browsing.

This plan is know to last for 2weeks (14days) of which unfortunately Airtel decided to reduce it to 10days.

I really could not believe my eyes when i saw 10days as the new validity period while i was about to sub for it on a friends phone,  I just couldn't believe Airtel could do that despite the complaints from subscribers on the data plan's slow speed.

But i do believe Airtel might have done this to really prevent Subscribers from Exhausting the data before its expiration.

Am sure no Airtel subscriber is happy about this but we've got some other choices like the Airtel 6gb Plan i posted earlier, Please share your views via the Comments Box, Stay Cool.



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