Aug 4, 2016

Fix For Android Tablet Screen Orientation On Apps Without Root

I know most android tablet users must have come across a situation where you launch your apps and instead of them to launch in normal landscape mode it launches in portrait view despite turning off auto screen rotation hereby creating a bent view on the app.

fix for android tablet orientation

This malfunction has always been a pain in the ass of any android tablet user.
But be cheerful for your solution is here, With the use of a simple and widget like app, you say goodbye to apps orientation issue forever, "Set Orientation" is the name of this simple and powerful application that would bring an end to your tablet orientation launching issue.

Features Of Set Orientation App:
*It is user friendly, with a very simple UI almost like a widget.
*It is data and storage friendly, its apk file is just about 200kb.
*It is battery friendly
*It starts up at boot hereby saving you the stress of launching it after every reboot.
*It supports other orientation, it allows you set up your apps to start with other orientation like Landscape reversed, portrait reversed etc.

How To Use:
Go to Google play store, Search and install the app.
Open it and from the pop-up window, choose your preferred orientation and click OK and you are good to go.



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