Aug 4, 2016


The Samsung company is known for their great power in the production of computer devices such as laptops, phones etc. Their products stand out from the crowd because of the great features they embed into them.

samsung galaxy s7 plus

Today, I make a comparison of two of there most powerful and latest android devices, They are the Samsung galaxy s7 and the Samsung galaxy s7 edge. The Samsung galaxy s7 is a dual nano sim device while the s7 edge is a single nano sim phablet. These devices have a lot in common.

Below are their similarities and differences in a categorical form.

Display (Screen):
Any core phone user would surely check on a device`s display size and build before purchase, Anyways the Samsung galaxy s7 edge has a bigger display of 5.5" compared to the S7`s 5.1" display. Their both displays are Super Amoled with the both been water resistant. Both are also made of metal and glass body.

A devices camera is of major concern to any photo lover. Well these device both have the same camera quality with a 12megapixel Rear camera and a 5mp Front Cam.
Talking about storage, both also have the same storage capacity with their 32gb and 64gb variants.

With both devices having the very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4gb ram. Both devices also come out of the box with android 6.0 marshmallow alongside side Samsung`s touch wiz skin. Both has the Mali T880-mp12 GPU.

Battery Life:
Once again the Samsung galaxy s7 edge beats the s7, with the s7 edge having a 3,600mah battery unlike the s7`s 3,000mah.

Both devices have 4G LTE abilities and also  with Bluetooth 4.2. They both support USB on the go.

Here comes the real deal, big specs call for bigger cash. The Samsung galaxy S7 sells at about 185,000 to 250,000naira while the S7 Edge is sold higher at 220,000naira and above.

NOTE; Both comes in four colour variants, Which are Black, White, Gold and Silver.
Surely you would now the differences between these devices irrespective of their similarities, The choice is your`s to make between these two devices as the Samsung S7 edge would be a better option for someone who wants a bigger screen and battery.



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